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Creating the best possible solutions together

Use our service for the development, manufacture and testing of your own special subassemblies and devices.

This way, you not only save your own resources and are more flexible in planning, but above all you build on know-how that has proven itself in the market for 50 years with numerous well-known manufacturers in the fields of automation, mechanical engineering, automotive, plastics processing, measurement and environmental technology and enjoys an excellent reputation.

Outsourcing from A to Z.

Based on your individual requirements, we realize your industrial control system in our development department. This starts with consulting and selection of suitable components and continues with software development up to the final production.

Benefit here from our know-how and a strong group. As a member of the FORTEC Group, we have the best relationships and thus purchase components worldwide at the best conditions. Either for the complete production or as a provision.

Our heart beats for the development and production of high-quality electronics. With two SMT placement machines, we manufacture assemblies and complete devices, which are also all final tested.

Whether we take over the production or the entire development for you - one thing is always certain: we can always assure you of our know-how and full commitment to uncompromising electronics for use in exceptional applications.



    A service as all-round as it is good.

    As a system supplier, we offer you a comprehensive range of services. Decide for yourself at which stage you want to enter:

    • Hardware and software development, layout design
    • Material procurement
    • Production
    • Checking and testing
    • Repair


    Always at the cutting edge of technology

    • Screen printer
    • SMT line
    • Vapor phase soldering equipment
    • PC-aided test benches
    • X-ray inspector
    • AOI


    Use of a worldwide network of suppliers

    • Printed circuit boards
    • Electronic components
    • Mechanical components 
    • Provided by the customer

    Hard- and software development

    • Analog and digital circuits
    • Microprocessor circuits
    • Product maintenance


    • CAD printed circuit board layout
    • Drawing and parts list creation
    • Device design


    • ESD-suitable storage and production
    • own PPS system
    • component traceability

    Soldering paste application

    • fully automatic stencil printer
    • automatic stencil cleaning
    • paste and stencil inspection


    • Conventional assembly methods
    • SMD single and double sided
    • mixed placement

    SMD components processing

    • all SMD including BGA, µBGA, CSP and Flip-Chip
    • Smallest automatically mountable component: 0201
    • Largest automatically mountable component (mm): 56 x 56
    • Smallest mountable pitch (mm): 0.16
    • Placement accuracy: 25 µm


    • Vapor phase soldering machine
    • Double wave soldering machine


    Isolation techniques

    • Painting (manual application or machine dipping; machine drying).
    • Potting (dispensing equipment for two components with temperature control).

    Service overview

    Our services cover the entire spectrum of requirements in the development of modern electronics. Click on the individual offers below to find out what we do in detail.

    • SMD placement machines (Mydata MY200)
      • Placement area max. 450 x 550 mm
      • Average placement performance approx. 30000 components/hour.
      • Electrical measurement of resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors during placement
    • SMD placement machines (Mydata MY12)
      • Placement area max. 450 x 550 mm
      • Average placement performance approx. 4000 components/hour.
      • Electrical measurement of resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors during placement
    • Visual inspection stations
      • Illuminated magnifiers and magnifying tables with up to 12x magnification
      • Microscopes with up to 40x magnification
      • Inspection camera with up to 40x magnification 
      • X-ray inspection device (picture)
      • AOI
    • Test stations for insulation tests

      Test stations for insulation tests

    • Customized measurement setups
      • Testing of assemblies with specific measurement setups
      • Design/build of specific measurement setups
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