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Your idea becomes a marketable product.

AUTRONIC, part of Fortec Elektronik AG, has been a reliable and financially strong partner in the development and production of electronic assemblies for almost 50 years.

We achieve this by constantly improving and developing ourselves, which gives our customers investment security and confidence. This way we ensure that you and your power supplies are still in the best hands with AUTRONIC tomorrow.

Outside Germany, our power supplies are sold by professional distribution partners who have been active in the domestic market for many years and also offer professional support. Benefit from our experience in the implementation of power supplies in the field of DC/DC, AC/DC and also DC/AC inverters.

Challenge us! We are looking forward to your challenge.

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Examples of customer-specific modification and new developments

DC/DC converter HFBC60-W/O

Customized 60 W DC/DC converter for box PCs

Special power supply solution for use in box PCs for trains. The galvanically isolated DC-DC converter ensures reliable operation of the computers in the train, even at a continuous ambient temperature of -40 °C to 95 °C.

Hochsetzsteller 2,4 KW

High effeciency and power for fuel cell

A highly efficient booster is required in the system to boost the fuel cell voltage to battery line voltage. For this purpose, AUTRONIC has developed a customized DC/DC converter with 2,4 kwatts output power. The customer is the innovative company SIQENS, which uses the new special solution for fuel cell applications.

DC/DC converter HFBC-W/O

Customized DC/DC converter black boxes

Power supply special solution for use in black boxes for trains. The galvanically isolated DC-DC converter, the cooling plate is part of the housing, supplies the safety-critical applications to reliably log data during operation.

DC/DC-Converter Azle60-W

Customized DC/DC converter for axle counters

Special solution for a customer in use next to the rails. The galvanically isolated DC-DC converter supplies a safety application that drives axle counters and controls rail areas for traffic accordingly.

  • Für Filteranlagen

    For air filtering

    • Input: 14,4...154 Vdc
    • Output voltage: 8000 V
    • Power: 80 W
    • For filter systems
  • lokfuehrerstand

    For displays in driver cab

    • 50 W converter
    • Extremely narrow design
    • High EMC requirement
    • For displays
  • brandschutzanlagen

    For fire fighting systems

    • 350W
    • Adjusted output voltage
    • Extremely fast start behavior
    • Redundancy operation
  • bahnsicherheitssysteme

    For axle counter

    • 60W-DC/DC converter, 120W für 5 s
    • Only 4TE
    • Redundancy and parallel operation
    • High EMC requirements
    • For axle counter
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